Candyfloss: A poem by Nisha Tandon

Amidst the chaos and hush rush in a  marketplace
Hassled mothers drag the children by their hand
Reluctantly they follow with a zigzag trail
Till their eyes fall on a magician candyfloss man

His voice for them is like sweet wind chimes
Musical and melodious jingles as be shares
He is a messiah who miraculously transports them
To the fantasy land of carnivals and extravagant fairs

Saddened eyes brighten as the children relentlessly plead
There’s a strange spark that one can’t ever miss
They don’t give up until their mothers allow
Just one last one of the sweetest bliss

Fairy floss with rainbow hues
Fluffs of clouds in pink and white around a stick
Candyfloss man spins the wheel so scrupulously
Children are truly mesmerized by this magical trick

He smiles as he sees the eagerly waiting faces
Crystals of sugar soon transform into a visual treat
Jubilant children can’t wait to lay their hands
And enjoy every bite of the delicacy as they eat

Each bite melts like butter in their mouths
As the goodness ends, the children are left aggrieved
Goodbye they bid with a heavy heart
As to lure the children elsewhere the candyfloss man leaves