Candyfloss: A poem by Bhargavi Ravindra

Tring ….Tring….Tring….Tring …there goes the bell
Children in heaps …run …run..indoors …….to tell
“Out you come ..all of you ..See who is in the street?”
“He is our Candy Man with his famous pink sweet!”

Leaving everything aside, kids just run helter-skelter
No sweet can be as attractive, none can be sweeter
A large softball of pink sugar, in form of thin thread
Usually sold on a stick, kids do love to lick till is bared!

He goes around happily pulling the cart with a glass box
Beckoning kids to taste his freshly made candy floss 
For each child he ….has a special anecdote to share
His stories weave a magic spell, make it rarest of rare!

The evening bell goes announcing the school is now shut
Children falling over each other run …run to be their first
The candy man with his colorful bounty stands there tall
Candy floss for each, of their choice, hands out to all!

Let me share with you children interesting information
The sweet you so relish any time of the day, an all-time fun
Candy floss first invented by a dentist William Morrison
With the help of confectioner John C Wharton in the yr 1897!

As a kid in summer fairs who could resist that pink sweet
Summer season fun overloaded, candy floss a special treat
Always wanting more and more, halfhearted as kids leave the stall
Tring..Tring.. calls the Candy Man “My little friends !tomorrow come you all “!