Power of Silence: A poem by Vasumathi Arvind

On my regular walk, I took a road less traveled

A cold morning it was, on the horizon the sun not yet unraveled,
The silence around me was hypnotizing,
Thrilling, chilling, I could feel the long road beckoning!
The hills were beautiful, magnificent and mystifying,
A climb that was fascinating, inspiring and exhilarating!
The deafening silence around me as I climbed to the top,
Seemed to say, ‘Don’t lose heart if you feel lonely up there and want a drop!’
Standing on the seashore at twilight,
The sun drowned into the tranquil ocean was an overwhelming sight!
The grey waters, a mighty sheet, silent and calm,
A sense of foreboding gripped me as if anticipating a storm!
Walking through the sinister woods at night,
I felt the ominous silence displaying all its might.
Gnarled branches, dense foliage, the smell of damp leaves,
Prodding and pushing, the quiet darkness did a magic weave!
Silence speaks a thousand words that we can all hear,
Power there is in silence if only we give it an ear.
For, listen and silent are spelled with the same letters,
A balm for a troubled mind that leaves you feeling better!