Attitude is everything: A poem by Sreemanta Kr Bharali

Attitude shapes a man’s character, 
And molds one into a strong and confident human being. 
Others may argue but for me 
there is one sure thing,
That for a person… his attitude is everything.

Life takes the test of 
everyone, every day, even every hour.
In our path put thorns of pain and despair. 
But with a positive attitude, one can easily walk out and can pass all the test of life with flying colors.

When it feels all hopeless and life goes  disarray, 
A positive attitude is the one that saves the day. 
With better control over everyday strife,
One can make life happy and gay.

If in life one wants the success ladder to climb. 
Then, a positive attitude is what he must find. 
Think positive, be positive and act positive, 
That’s the attitude one should always carry on the mind.

 Hope and despair, sorrow and pain 
As an inseparable part of life, will always remain. 
But one with an undying positive attitude in life,
With confidence, will succeed in finding what he wants to gain.