Beauty of Simplicity: A poem by Vasumathi Arvind

Beauty lies in all that is simple and plain,
Radiating a golden glow from within;
The clear blue sky is an enchanting sight,
The heart feels light and the day feels bright.
The gushing stream as it rapidly flows over a stone,
Glistening in the sun has a beauty of its own.
The petals of a flower nodding in the breeze,
A sight to behold, emanating peace.
The laughter of a child, spontaneous and hearty,
Enough to make your day, you need no party!
The lofty mountains are bare, yet majestic and tall,
The snow caps seem to beckon one and all!
A tiny dew drop balancing on a lush green leaf,
To a heavy heart, its sight does provide relief.
The hidden Koel with its plaintive calls, a poet’s delight,
A marvel of nature whose cries do passions ignite.
Warming hearts, spreading cheer and gaiety,
Simplicity is beauty and beauty means simplicity.