Power of Silence: A poem by Sreemanta Kr Bharali

As one of the great bards wrote, 
Heard melodies are sweet 
But those unheard are sweeter. 
Feelings an emotions of the heart, 
Are sometimes conveyed in silence much better.

The serene and silent starry night 
Looks so magical with the mild moonlight. 
A silently flowing sparkling stream, 
Creates numerous ebbs and ripples in a poetic dream.

Shutting all baffling noises going around,
With silence, one elevates the soul to connect to the almighty divine. 
Silence has the power to calm all trouble mankind.
With the key to silence, one can reach the closed doors of soul and mind.

Silence is the best answer to an arrogant fool 
To win, in vain who arguments in anger. 
To a hundred meaningless words 
A meaningful silence is always much smarter. 

 If speech is compared with the sea of silver 
Then silence is a beautiful golden river. 
Drowned in which the desperate one
Free from all bondage,
can reach out to the one and only life giver.