The power of silence: A poem by Nithya Sridharan

The mighty oceans represent silence
Stunning with their noiseless resplendence
In silence, blooms the inflorescence
Quietly filling spaces with its pristine fragrance
A silent calm follows a storm’s presence
Infuses us with a strong assurance
Earnest prayer is breathed in silence 
As is also a mighty penance
The silent nature in all its ebullience
Nurtures us with many lessons
A humble minute of reverent silence
Speaks to the lost, respects their endurance
The spaces between notes impart elegance
No music is complete without silence
Between voice and mute there is a subtle difference
Mute adds to the voice’s magnificence
The language of the soul is silence
To understand, you need patience
Silence is mightier than many pens
Conveys the message of the mind, in its brilliance!