In the myriad voyages of existence,

In the mundane chaos of life,

The mind in search of redemption,

In perpetual pursuit of happiness, foresees,

Impediments coexist in every trail,

Posturing detriment in every stride,

Hindering the pace to ace.


Whilst everything around,

Appears to be intimidating,

Annihilating, unfeasible

To fathom, to accomplish,

And when the weary mind relinquishes,

To the untold banes of existence,

Deter not my friend!


Emancipate your mind of the encumber,

Have faith in thy self, forge ahead,

Shed the binding inhibitions,

And set the journey anew,

With a rekindled exuberance,

To prevail, to persevere!!


Dr. Vedha Surendra

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