Surrendered Self


A day so sad and solemn would mark

The soul would leave the world and go

And I would witness the sorrows of my loved ones

Lamenting the departure of another, in woe


Who stands here so responsible to allow this all?

Who stands here so brave deafening to hear a man call?

Who has the might to absorb his suffering and pain?

No one, alas, when there’s so much to gain


I had heard of cannibals, who live in the thickets

But little did I know I’ll face them here

Where pyres will alight amidst the once happy lands

I’ll see them there, smiling in saltless tears


You might have failed to recognize, their dirty and treacherous part

Growing horrendously, lashing their spiteful fangs

I know not how man will heal his heart

How will he carry his empty selfless soul


For I see the skies,

Continuing to darken their clears with soot

While the serpent-like nights

Stealthily linger to lengthen their deadly roots


The times are tough

The loss is grave

I gave up hope of mankind to save

The world that is chained to slavery and disgrace


But day and night will change with their course

While the heart will silently sob in remorse

Is there something that could reverse the time?

For happier moments to come and stay as mine


Memories of the love lost will remain a song

A silent tune in my heart till I’m gone

And till then you will be a thought to cheer

As I miss u in me, a silent tear.


Shruti Bhardwaj

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