The Season of Love: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

It’s the season of love, everybody rejoicing in the gaiety and ecstasy all around
There is love in the air, in every color, sight, and sound
All the trees are bedecked, bejeweled perfumed brides
Jazzy in crimson, purple, amber, gold, and silvery-white
Beneath the trees’ sombrero, the grass breathes relief sweet
Meadows green and saplings lean in the warmth of the season’s breeze
The migrating birds return spreading their wings under the sky so fair
The lilacs’ fragrance wafts in the air as the birds pair
How love saunters in with a sweet steady gait
Gathering each and everyone in its loving embrace
The season of love is the bloom of the heart
Everything is alive with music and hope that love imparts
Seasonal flowers may perish, but love is a perennial bloom – forever green
Let it always blossom in our hearts like eternal spring
Let it remain unfettered by season or time
Dwelling within us to make our heart sublime
May our love always be fresher than the fallen snow
With each passing moment, let our love continue to grow
Let us add color, and spread the light to illuminate others’ lives
With love’s beauty and true magical spell let’s build Love’s Paradise.