Passion: A poem by Jellie N. Wyckelsma

Passion is the energy that rushes through our veins,
When we aim for achievement in the field we love.
It spurs us on to exploit our talents to the top,
And until it is finished we won’t stop.
The heart rate increases, the pupils enlarge,
Sweat pours from our brow,
As we work on a project all day and night
Until the result of our efforts is coming in sight.
The sculptor, the painter, the writer, the actor,
The athlete, the swimmer, the scientist and,
Too many others know only too well,
How to be passionate, as their results will tell.
All display a great passion for life,
being thankful for all it has given us.
For if it wasn’t for life, with which we’ve been blessed,
We would be zombies, destined to be put to eternal rest …