Passion: A poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

The insatiable passion of blooming the buds gained on me
From the adorable ones to beautiful fragrant flowers I wanted them to be
So passionately, with all my heart
I sprouted green tendrils of love
I made the buds blossom with a new vision of life
Yearning for the light I illuminated their lives
I soaked the flowers in the sun rays , glowing with dews
I smeared the fresh mornings with golden and silvery hues
With my passionate hands, I hung the flowers on the tree
Where smiling with dainty dewdrops, they were so carefree
With a sprinkle of care, I splashed on them many a beautiful colour
Glowing, they swayed and danced sprightly, full of fervour
With the magical theme, I splashed water to create rhymes with so much fun
With liquid rays, I splashed showers to turn blue skies into tinged crimson
With patience, I arranged the chords that talked to souls
I made them climb every mountain to reach their goals
My passionate soul glowed happily amidst these flowers
I loved them as much as the moon loves her stars
Weaving tapestry of dreams I dwelt into this garden so beautiful
I owe to these smiling flowers, who made my passion for teaching so enjoyable.