Autumn Musings: A poem by Nisha Tandon

From my palette of colors I long to paint the remnants of summer
And maple leaves in hues of orange, brown and red
As the cool breeze whispers and moves aimlessly through the trees
The leaves come cascading and joyously on them bare feet I tread

Laden in boughs they entice me with their fiery brilliance
Their spicy scent flows intoxicated in the midst of the chilly, frosty air
Slowly dropping to the soft cushioned ground to form a velvety carpet
Golden, crisp leaves fall softly till the trees are almost bare

As the edges of leaves change to burnt yellow and crimson
It’s the perfect time to enjoy the last warmth of the flaming sun
Longer cozy nights are here as the days get shortened
Smoke from wood fires have finally begun

A sight that’s so mesmerizing , bring solace to tiresome eyes
Entwined with delightful mysteries and untold stories of the past
As the crispy air tickles my nose and I shudder in the cold
I pray for this beautiful moment till eternity to last

I rest myself against the tree and listen to subtle music
That the careless wind so melodiously seems to play
The sepia autumn leaves dance to its melodic tunes
Whispering and rustling they hastily scatter far away

Fall is a time for nostalgia that carries along with it
Memories that engulf me with secrets to others which are unknown
We bid goodbye to the summer as the Autumn is awakened
A change that is inevitable and it’s rightly called the season of the soul