Passion: A poem by Bhargavi Ravindra

The day with all its thrills and spills folds itself to bid adieu 
Through the window, I see Sun rays spreading its aura for one last time-Before the darkness slowly creeps in!
Stars come out in cluster, moonbeam dance to the rhythmic beat 
Trees rejoicing, swaying as the gentle breeze, breeze past them
Setting ripples in the stillness of the night!
I surrender to a serene calmness descending and hugging me 
I see my dream glowing, perched in a corner all set to take flight something inside me whispers ..WRITE…propelling me to get going
Like a stream cascading down, words flow onto the blank sheet
Slowly, the inner door within me shuts down to the noise outside 
I am lost to the world; my mind, heart, and thoughts are in sync 
WOW…….There I visualize my thoughts taking shape 
what is this, I wonder that beckons me to give in to the urge.
I call it Midnight Romance with Words…Words flow …filling up lines…paragraphs
And finally …finally… I see a POEM born
Am I exhausted …no …I see a new ME emerging out!
Name ,fame ,recognition,reward …nothing matters
I am at peace…with myself…most gratifying feeling engulfs me 
This is my passion…passionate about my writing ….penning my thoughts!!!