Mercy of Mother Earth: A poem by Nisha Tandon

Long has mankind abused precious mother nature
We have shown disregard to God’s unparalleled creation
Her body has brutally been ravaged for selfish desires
In exploiting her we have never felt any hesitation

She stood strong and tolerant through eons of time
Pleading and begging mortals to save her identity
She has bestowed us with her priceless blessings
And we continued to compromise on her serenity

She sent out warnings of her
imminent and instilled anger
Alas! Man became victim of her undisguised wrath
She has lashed back with a vengeance that is unprecedented
And he failed to deal with the devastating aftermath

She punished them relentlessly with her fury
Earthquake, melting glaciers, tsunamis and disasters unknown
Natural calamities left the people grief-stricken and shattered
After all how long can we continue to bruise her soul

We plead Mother Earth to grace us with her mercy
We vow to preserve her fragile beauty and rich inheritance
A promise to stop the exploitation of nature for human greed
And pledge to preserve her unrivaled magnificence