The Two Warriors-Good and Evil: A poem by Bhargavi Ravindra

EVIL screamed at GOOD- seeing it gaining  entry into its domain
“Stop right there, dare not enter my territory, without my permission
This is my world and I set the rules; right or wrong, no confrontation 
One who disobeys will vanish into thin air or will regret being born !”

GOOD continued to walk soaking in the heavenly beauty around 
The enchanting blue sky, the valleys, rivers, the lush green ground 
Unmindful of Evil’s screams -“How lovely world is!” thought aloud
“I Must look for Love, Peace and Universal Brotherhood all around!”

“My mission on the earth is to wipe out tears and spread a smile
Even if it hurts and I am left alone, come what may, will walk that extra mile
I am a warrior, have to fight demons; fight must I to win over guile
Hate, violence, meanness, killing, torture must crush, let not pile!”

Evil roared,” how dare! you Good for nothing, raise your voice?
I made it clear, you live here on my terms , you just have no choice
My mission is to bring destruction, unrest; don’t need your poise
I will be heard loud n clear, you are a coward, you just make noise.”

Good with a hint of firmness, cajoled Evil for its dirty scheming
“Remember, Rawana, Kansa, Mahishasoora, their likes sad endings 
No religion is above humanity, no race greater than human beings
God resides in good hearts, noble souls, just minds-stop denying!”

Hard battle the Evil and Good fought, before Evil’s pride crumbled in
Just then, piercing thick blanket of darkness Morning rays filtered in
Darkness with all its might must have fought hard, before giving in
Hail victory of Good over Evil; Hope, Happiness, Harmony the New Dawn ushered in!