Paint it pink: A poem by Vaishali Chandorkar Chitale

Last spring as I strolled in the lanes of Tokyo,
It was with cheerful cherry blossom boughs aglow.
It was a sight for sore eyes,
Imagine dazzling pink streets under the azure blue skies.
Spring is a wonderful season the world over no doubt,
But unfortunately, there was hardly anyone roaming about.
The beautiful landscape that God had painted,
Was completely on a ‘no show’ wasted.
Spring in Sakura is a festival for people to rejoice,
In the parks, people chorus as if in one voice.
But since 2020 everything has gone for a toss, 
The unseen beautiful pink carpet was humankind’s loss.
I had to go to Japan for some work,
Travelling was my job’s by-product and perk.
Seeing empty streets in spring was a sight so rare,
That frankly, it gave me my first scare.
Pink and white blossoms so ephemeral and delicate,
They invite ‘Hanami’ and people to celebrate.
Like Sakura festival’s transient nature that we see every spring,
I hope this deadly virus also its grip quickly unstrings.