When destiny calls: A poem by Chandra Sundeep

When destiny calls

And it’s time to meet my maker

Will I cry over dreams unfulfilled?

Or will I be joyous for a life well lived?

My departure is beyond my control and desire

Why should I dread for that moment to arrive?

A hidden power controls my future and my fate

Why should I fret to enter the pearly gate?

One day all my riches will be left behind

And I’ll become one with the ground

My deeds, words, and actions will remain

Forever; rest all will be in vain

The future is beyond my control

But the present I can make beautiful

Help others, bring smiles all around

I desire to spread kindness and joys around

I’ll not cry over dreams unfulfilled

Joyous I’ll be for a life well lived

With immense gratitude, I will bid farewell
And meet my maker, when destiny calls