The Amalgamation



Flow flow the waters

Silently, smoothly, roar, gurgle or gush

Advance unhindered; relentlessly, tirelessly

To merge with the ultimate

Flow flow the waters

Lest you lose track and purpose

Lest you stagnate and decay

Lest you lose your unique character

That rivers never punctuate

Flow flow the waters

Meandering, circling, dodging impediments

Till you hit your destination; till you find true salvation

Your rendezvous with the ocean

Where you forget you are Ganga, Yamuna or Godavari

Where distinctions dissolve, biases blur

Where boundaries bulldoze, malevolence melts

It’s only one enormous sea; paradisiac, sans enmity

You embrace differences, you accept diversity

And lost in depths of fathomless ocean

You turn into one single entity

Of amalgamation, unity and inclusivity


Manpreet Chadha