Once in a lifetime: A Poem by Dr. Suboohi Jafar

We all have landed on earth for a beautiful purpose,
We should stand upright and righteous,
And the time for that purpose is fixed in heaven,
For everything that happens, there is a reason!
There is a fixed time to be born, a time to kill,
A time to injure, and a time to heal,
A time to embrace and a time to throw away,
A time to get, and a time to give a way!
For everything, a particular moment is allotted,
It can’t be manipulated or be twisted,
It just flows past, and we never notice,
We keep nagging about things on surface!
But we should understand the fact about life,
The present moment that is passing by, comes once in a lifetime,
It doesn’t wait for anybody, and doesn’t show mercy,
It goes on at its own pace, and writes pages of history!
So value each and every moment, like a treasure,
Stay calm and collected, and don’t waste it in anger,
Your patience is the only key to fulfill your dreams,
To rectify your mistakes, and glorify like a beam!