Memory Lane: A Poem by Anamika Soni

Still find reminiscence of your breaths,
Under my skin, over my bones,
Every time I get undressed,
You’re all over my body,
The scars you’ve given to me,
They shout out of their blemishes,
As if every time I look at them,
They call each moment of pain,
You’ve given my soul that never heals,
The way you took something out of this human,
I don’t even recognize how I looked.
I still find reminiscence of your touch,
The cut over my upper lip you left,
Doesn’t pain much but speaks aloud,
You came as the worst nightmares,
But even the days are terrifying now
With you in my mind.
I still find reminiscence of your bites,
My crushed collar bones hold agony,
The reflection that the mirror holds of me,
I’m afraid I don’t know whom to look for,
And whom I’m ready to accept!