On the wings of fantasy: A poem by Banani Sikdar

On The Wings of Fantasy, the mind becomes a Globetrotter, 
Instant, inexpensive, the exploration full of adventure. 

Fantasy, the base for the Fairytales and The Arabian Nights,
Two necessary media, for tender minds to take a flight.
Fantasy, makes a slave enjoy freedom from the master, 
The Blind draws sunrise, the Deaf joins fun and laughter. 
The odd friends Tom and Jerry, the beautiful, lavish Titanic, 
The howling Tyrannosaurus, the welcome guest ET, are Fantasies fantastic. 

My Fantasy has propelled wings to reach the Moon immediately,
The Seven Seas and the numerous Mountains become thoroughfare easily.
Spreading the Wings of Fantasy, I feel like a bird, 
Gliding above the Rainforests, or the Prairies onward, 
Repairing the Colosseum , I salute The Statue of Liberty. 
The rich wildlife of Savannah or the Saharan Bedouin Society, 
Danube, Thames, Nile or Mississippi, surfacing with pure beauty, 
Time and again, I enjoy the sights of Nature’s bounty. 
The Cherubic Fairies, the Fierce Dragon or the White Unicorn, 
Characters of Fables, also tred my territory of imagination 

We don’t need Fantasy to run away from Reality, 
It’s the Flair of Fantasy that adds to Life’s Beauty.