Broken dreams: A poem by Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

Hey, you! Yes, you who broke my heart,
I was stabbed by the Cupid’s dart. 
Tattered clothes but had a large heart with crevices filled with love,
I believed we were two souls blessed from above.

But Alas! My dreams slithered down the dusty lanes,
Tethered to the creeping walls, washed by the rains,
Nowadays, I fold my broken hearts into a paper boat,
When tears engulf me, I cloak it with a trench coat!

Hey! You trampled on my wishes with your devilish grin,
As if I am the culprit tinged with a shade of grey, committed a sin,
Yeah, If loving you was a sin, it cost me a broken heart,
I would travel miles to meet you only to part!

Never love a person so deep lest you feel hurt, 
No matter how much you feel like blasting but you need to be curt, 
O’ love, why do you bring so much pain and heartbreak?
Oh! Can you not shower cosmic dust of serenity for my sake!

In between love and heartbreak in a cyclical loop,
You played with my feelings in a hula hoop,
Oh! My love, I know it’s too late for you to mend my heart, 
But I am still smitten by your ruddy heartless cart!