Days of Equanimity: A Poem by Jyoti Prateek

Days of sorrow and days of joy
Follow each other in some heavenly ploy
But days of equanimity are precious and rare
With neither hope nor despair

Filled with wisdom these days I seek
Neither too bright, nor too bleak
Where troubles melt in the fire of knowledge
And the mind is free from all its bondage

Where the heart is filled with love and grace
And the soul finds a resting place
On days of equanimity, the world is clear
The mind is calm and the heart sincere

A sense of peace and balance is found
A harmony with all that surrounds
The past is left behind, the future unknown
And in the present, all is shown

The beauty of life appears in all its forms
The joy and the sorrow, the warmth and the storms
These days of serenity show the meaning of life
As we embrace poise and let go of strife
Troubles and worries fade from sight
As we bask in tranquility bathed in light.