New Dawn of My Life: A Poem by Archna Srivastawa

With the advent of new sun on the horizon
My heart filled with immense enthusiasm
Dreamy passion egar to vocal their desires
Bright thoughts approach to reveal their plans

Just give up the complaints and grievances,
Caress your heart with the sweetness of memories every day,
Sadness and hurts must be stop to knock, or hinder the path.
Light of courage and resolutions, decorate the new destination.

Start to keep pace with time and people
Learn to socialize with strangers as much to please them till laugh.
Never allow heartbeat due to pride, greed and intoxication,
Remember the flight and tune of birds to feel the core spirit

There is no trace left of the wounds now,
Now one can give me the wine of new desires,
Now no one should talk about depression,
The broken,lost string of vows between
we must try tie again with love and passion …