Happiness is a Choice. Is it?: A Story by Amrita Mallik

Where ‘-isms’ direct the paths in our society, can it ever happen? Perhaps, in the Stone Age, the ignorant humans were actually happy. The more knowledge they started to gain, and the more inventions and developments they made, the more they enslaved themselves.

If you do this, you will be happy. And, in comes the conditioning. There are so many conditions to exist in this world. You just cannot be yourself. All ‘your’ wishes are vague unless they get seasoned by society’s demands.

Hence, a girl is beautiful when she is fair and slim or receives bountiful juicy appreciation from men! An ideal woman dresses perfectly and becomes an entertaining superwoman. She comfortably handles her career, her home, and her kids. And… NO! She cannot/should not seek help from others.

A woman gets trapped in a relationship. Everyone advises her to ignore it and find happiness for herself. However, doesn’t a toxic environment impact her? Doesn’t she need external help to restore her lost confidence and self-dignity? Whoever wishes to live unhealthily? None.

Now, if a woman breaks off a toxic relation or family, and wishes to live independently, she is promptly excluded from society. How difficult it becomes to seek accommodation or a job for herself! And, if she is a single mother, unmarried or divorced, all hell breaks loose on her. Both are bullied in their respective fields. So, tell me, how can ‘happiness is a choice’ for such a woman?

Men… too are bound by patriarchy, a fetish for parental love, and a desire to be a great dictator. In a bid to become rough and tough and sacrificial like their fathers/parents, they forget their present and get tied to their past. They fly like kites with the threads being with their parents. So, they become frustrated. Even happiness is scared to approach them.

Look at the children! How boxed their lives have become! They are mere puppets in the hands of their parents and a crap educational system. Since life is limited to 4-walls instead of expanding, these hapless children turn out to be animals in the future.

Ultimately, how happiness is a choice? It remains governed by so many weird, orthodox, and fallacious laws of the land. In the end, how you have lived the moments counts, but no one can waste their precious time and energy on creating happiness for themselves. Blindfolded by an erroneous system, they discard their passions and hobbies, in search of permanent comfort, luxury, and … happiness.