Mystery : A Poem by Anwesha Bhattacharya


The Universe offers a ceaseless enigma,

Of stars being born out of the dust,

The azure sky light up in a panorama,

As celestial mysteries dance in a fest!


The morning dew freshly fallen on the grass,

Tickles the feet below,

I wonder while plucking flowers for my vase,

Were the tears of the Weeping Willow?


Enamored by the mystery of the rainbow,

A child picks a brush to paint the sky…

Wanting to brighten the prismatic hues mellow,

He looks up to God and asks “May I?”


Mystery enshrouds every nook of Nature,

Striking a poet’s imagination, a scientist’s thought,

A uniqueness is granted to every single creature,

The micro to the macro, in a single thread are caught…