Mystery: A Poem by Sheela Iyer

She was gasping for her last breath,
Someone finally strangled her to death.
Every night she used to see this dream,
And would get up with a jerk and scream.
A mysterious harsh voice kept ringing in her ears
Almost every day, her eyes welled up in tears.
Each morning she remained upset
Gripped by fear and stress.
A few days later, she was found lying lifeless on her bed
The doctor arrived and declared her dead.
Suffocation was the reason given for her demise
Soon the house was filled with cries.
Her sudden death left her father aghast and clueless
He was deeply impacted and anxious.
He went from pillar to post,
To find out the truth, an utmost effort he put forth.
To unfold the mystery of her death,
Her father did try his best.
The investigation lasted for months, screaming for justice
But, alas, the cause of her death remained a mystery