Autumn Leaves: A Poem by Vasudha Pansare

Beautiful, windy, autumn,
Colorful fall, a carpet of leaves,
I wonder what the future holds for me,
This beating heart waits patiently.

The trees are bare, the leaves flying,
The autumn wind is getting stronger,
I wait scared and alone and tense,
Wondering what this autumn will bring.

This autumn of my life,
When the leaves are about to fall,
Scattered are my thoughts like the leaves,
Growing tensions and apprehensions.

Then my heart tells me, forget your tensions,
Enjoy the season, enjoy every moment,
Enjoy the beautiful autumn of your life,
Appreciate the bright colors of falling leaves.

Autumn is the time to make splendid memories,
To experience life’s wonderful breeze,
To focus on the marvelous joys of living,
And to forget all your suffering.