Myriad Shades of Life: A Poem by Dr. Mallika Tripathi

Life is an enigma swathed in shadows,
A manuscript of arcane dialects,
A crucible wherein one’s essence glows,
The forge in which one’s spirit’s mettle checks.

Life is a symphony, ethereal,
Its harmonies, an echo in the soul,
A bridal veil, its secrets lyrical,
Awaiting hands to lift its mystic toll.

Life, a Sisyphean quest, profound,
Where mortals strive against fate’s unyielding tide,
A mountain range where peaks and vales abound,
A tale of valour, sung with stoic pride.

Life, a miracle in death’s embrace,
A dawn’s ephemeral glow, with dusk in sight,
Laughter’s chorus through a youth’s bright gaze,
A painter’s palette, splashed with pure delight.

In myriad forms, life composes perennial melodies through the zither,
Yet in its twilight, timeless threnodies find its rhythm.
Life, a tapestry both grand and grim,
Woven by threads of fate, through light and dim.