My World Of Fantasy: A Poem by Vasudha Pansare

The best gateway into my fantasy world,
Is my overactive imagination,
Which helps me to write poetry,
And constantly rejuvenates my poetic passion.

The child in me keeps alive my fantasy,
Even today Santa Claus seems a real story,
Even today I dream of Cinderella and SnowWhite,
And I hope to see spiderman dressed in his tights.

When I want to escape reality,
And enter the world of fantasy,
I switch on my television,
And watch adventure films which are my passion.

Another way into the fantasy land,
Are wonderful books which carry me to wonderland,
I travel to a hundred countries,
And forget all my troubles and worries.

When the reality of death and disease
Destroy my mental peace,
I escape into my fantasy world,
And wait for my fancy to be stirred.

I think in the midst of this pandemic,
I need my fantasies, fantastic,
Where I can find solace and happiness,
And my fantasies will disperse the horrific darkness.