Life Goes On: A Poem by Lakshmi Ajoy

The mundane chores of everyday life,
Are duties that bind us to perform until the afterlife.

The challenges that get thrown out at us,
Lasts as lessons that remain etched to uplift us.

The unsolved mysteries of yesteryears,
Remain a secret for us to ponder over the cheers and fears.

The bittersweet memories of our distant past,
Offers us a chance to rework at life until it lasts.

The luxuries and pleasures that we take pride in,
Are temporary fixtures to blow up our ‘EGO’es within.

The people that (seem to) offer us a lifetime company,
Remain with us only on a temporary journey.

CHANGE remains our biggest constant,
Making and marking its presence felt at every moment.

Change Your I’m busy, stressed, depressed, unwell, tired or fearful
To I’m easy,  relaxed, happy, healthy, fresh and powerful.

For life goes on, life goes on…
Until we are gone and even after we are gone.