The Perfect World: A Poem by Lakshmi Ajoy

When the dawning Sun rises up in the skies,
When the mildews settle upon the delicate petals,
When the skies paint themselves with vivid patterns and colors,
When nature blooms through the womb of the tiniest seed,
When heavily pregnant clouds shower purity upon Earth,
When the fragrance of petrichor waft through my senses,
When the lands cover themselves with a green blanket,
When snow-covered peaks glitter in the golden rays,
When the ice melts down to rivers of purity,
When melting water kisses the cheeks of majestic mountains,
When baby buds bloom into a fragrant beauties of colors,
When I awaken to sounds of chirps, squeaks, and buzz,
When rainbows paint the skies in their glory of bliss,
When the gentle breeze caresses my soft tender skin,
When the oceans display the enchanting reefs hidden within,
When the mystic mountains beckon me to explore the heights,
When the foreboding forests absorb me deeper into the abyss,
When the horizons canoodle the boundaries of land and skies,
When the gleaming moonlight sparkles the dark skies in magnificence,
When a million stars twinkle in splendor upon the dark canvas,
When tranquility besets me upon a journey into me,
I set my foot in the fantasy of nature’s enchantment,
Without humans preying into the endless spaces,
Just to connect, conserve, reserve, repair, preserve and protect…