My Ordinary Life: A Poem by Charu Kalra

Strumming the strings of life, I hum in ecstasy.
Hold hands and immerse in rhapsody.
In the moments of simplicity, exuding pure redolence.
I celebrate the ordinary and embrace its presence.

Mornings partake new realms and aglow,
From the sprinkles of the golden orb, blessings bestow.
Peeking through the leaves,
Beauty dwells and knocks with glee.

Silence in the lonely afternoon whispers tales,
With a subtle tap on the window pane.
Dusk paints the sky with hues of life,
Beckoning in all its grace, dazzling in the stillness of the night.

Each day, I flip through its pages and accept the mundane as it unfolds.
Capture daily moments of tears, laughter, mirth, and hold.
Sailing through the crests and troughs, time flows.
I harbour dreams from its eyes with a gleam of hope.