Different Strokes on Life’s Canvas: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

Embarking on the boundless odyssey of life
I take my stand as an artist to paint my pristine canvas with finesse fine
Like hues on a palette I carefully choose
Vibrant colours of friendship, love and kindness as a masterpiece to bloom
In the grand gallery of life I dream to portray
An effervescent canvas aglow with joy, never to sway
Yet sunshine dances with shadows in tender embrace
Laughter echoes, while tears leave their trace
With delicate brushstroke all intermingle in hues of lights and shadows divine
A symphony profound, life’s masterpiece lies in its grand design
In every thought a stroke of art
Etching beauty from the depth of the heart
Each hue tells a tale, from dawn’s embrace to twilight’s kiss
In every stroke I find my bliss
Some strokes bold with fiery might, igniting passions, blazing bright
Others gentle, soft and kind, weaving peace within the mind
So embrace your life’s canvas with open heart, paint it with care
With each stroke deliberate and diverse, each colour unique and rare
Craft your dreams with passion, let them bloom
Make the canvas a magnum opus in full zoom.