Mother earth: A poem by Sonal Singh

Shackled in chains, mother has lived a life of bondage.
Bound to her children, her seed; she has despaired.
A mute spectator to the atrocities they perpetrate.
She could not intervene, even if she tried because,
 She has no voice, she does not speak, she only bears.
And yet, at times she wonders how it is possible that
Her children – we, cannot hear the cries of her soul?
How it is that we, her offspring, the ones she nurtured
Cannot hear the screams of her pillaged bosom and
How we continue to abuse her by our desecration.
Alas! Her hurt is deep; it has cleaved her warm heart.
But she hasn’t given up hope; she still has a dream that
One day, we will realize the error of our errant ways.
One day we will rein in our callous, frivolous disregard
Of the bounty and life she has striven to provide us with.
That day mother shall be free -unshackled and unbound
 To rejoice in a world, finally, synced in harmonious peace.
When such a day comes, she shall heave a relieved sigh.
Her story from then on shall change and she will narrate
How her progeny love her and how in their love she lived.