Mother Earth: A Poem by Dr. Sonia Gupta

O’ Lord, you blessed us with this sacred ‘Mother Earth’,
In the lap of whom everything rolls after birth,
A rare example of sacrifices and kindness,
Selflessly provides everyone with all comforts.

Food, water, flora and fauna, fresh air to breathe,
She fulfills everyone’s necessities and needs,
Under the roof of that open vast sky,
She floats in an ocean of high and low tides.

Sometimes scorching sun, sometimes heavy rains,
Sometimes frozen she is, sometimes withered grains,
Deforestation, pollution and haunting of animals,
Disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis bring her to tears.

She has become a witness of wars, for years,
Bathed in cruel blood, she is shedding tears,
Her children only are giving her pain for own selves,
But, she keeps on bearing every wound herself.

O’ humans! Don’t consider her merely a lifeless piece of coal,
In real words, she is the pious holy soul,
She demands nothing but only peace and love,
Let us save our paradise, God has sent from above.