What The Earth Said: A Poem by Srividya Gupta

Then, roots of life could spread their wings within me
Now, they are inhibited, stunted, and they wish to be free
Then, I was home to trees that kissed and flirted with the sun
Now, they feel forbidden, like a newly ordained nun
Then, I felt proud that I was making enough oxygen
Now, I feel oxygen trapped within me, I feel suffocating friction
Then, pure clean rivers and lakes drenched my soul
Now, sprouting skyscrapers make me dry, creating a deep hole
Then, I produced enough food, for the entire world at large
Now, it’s more of barren land, because of nature’s sabotage
Then, I celebrated all seasons equally, knowing they would come
Now, their rhythm is shattered, at times making them mum.
Then, my luscious green blanket covered my modesty well
Now, I feel exposed, more vulnerable to the urbanization spell
Then, I was Mother Earth, sustaining life on the globe
Now, I am like a black graveyard, deprived of my green robe.
Oh! How I wish I could breathe again, as freely as before
Oh! How I wish I could rise above all the din and roar.