Me and my fate!: A poem by Ankurita Khajanchi

We are at loggerheads, me and my fate
For the pettier my wish, the longer I tend to wait
Destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice
So I need to buck up and not lose my poise
The day it would decide to open its warm embrace
With unfaltering confidence, I’ll pass with grace.

We don’t often get along me and my fate
Every time I face the adverse, this fact I reinstate
Destiny is determined by the efforts you make 
So I take this bull by horns, only for love’s sake
For why shall I not live in the now and not in fears of morrow
I’ll love you heart and soul, even in lieu of sorrow.

And yes me and my fate are not on same page
Your luck is so hard, told me an old sage
Destiny is an upshot of our actions, and not our stars
So I have befriended Karma, for the doer possesses the powers
So when the destiny would put an eye on me
My labour and love and deeds, shall set me free.

Dear destiny I am ready now, to learn and to make amends
I’ll put in tireless efforts and one day we’ll be friends.