And one day she discovered…: A poem by Neha Gupta

The clouded eyes, the blurry eyes
The pre convinced mind, filled with the inner cries
One day opened to the world full of surprises
The view, her conditioned self could not summarize
Wasn’t her incapability portrayed on her life canvas?
Wasn’t she told her worth was nothing more than a broken vase?
Self detest, her old friend was a full-time acquaintance
The hope that never existed was now trying to make some alliance
One day in the night so mystic and serene
When starts took a turn to the path unseen
While tree trunks, shrouded in the mist were dozing
Subdued questions with great courage, she was posing
She asked the universe to show her the road
The sky just laid some stars helping her on board
On a journey to a land where her true self resided
The chance to be or do what her heart recited

And there she was crossing all the borders

Shaking off the words she heard from others

Further from ornamented illusions, the truth stood bare

And who she really was, that day she discovered…