Me and My Diary: A Poem by Dr. Sonia Gupta


O’ I write my life’s diary which is unique and amazing,

Composed of pages hiding my emotions and feelings,

It’s a strong bond between me and my conscious,

Where everything without fear I can express!


Some pages reflect the image of strong women within me,

Some pages narrate the tender heart belonging to me,

Some pages paint a canvas with colors of joy and fun,

Some are torn like the withered leaves of autumn!


O’ in few of the pages, my glory is scribbled,

In a few of them there is the saga of my failure,

Few words touch the soul reflecting my good deeds,

Few leave me in guilt reminding the mistakes which I did!


In some pages, I have been represented as an actor,

Wearing a fake mask bringing a smile to others,

Turning the pages, you will find another secret,

Where I was betrayed by my own people!


Some questions unanswered still a puzzle to solve,

Some are complaining my pains to my lord!

It’s like the mirror reflecting my own reflection,

Reading again and again I learn a lesson!