My World of Fantasy: A Poem by Manisha Amol

As the sleep gripped on me hard
Wandering in the bygone world steadfast
Dew drenched trees, snow-capped peaks
Left me enthused unfurling my dreams

Cool breeze brushed past the subconscious mind
Barely could hear the leaves rustling gently behind
Feel the pristine purity of nature not maligned
Embracing with wide open arms  to make it mine

Fearless of the pandemic apprehensions or pain
In a celebratory mode dancing in the pearly rain
A new world unearthed post a rebirth
Experience moments of joy full of mirth

Vanishing all signs of agony and despair
No heart-wrenching tragedies nor cries anywhere
Childlike laughter echoing in the atmosphere
All creatures breathing the fresh fragrant air

Sun shone bright behind the mountains high
Golden hue coloring the dewy trees bright
Twittering birds perched at treetops merrily
Ringing soft bells in my ears cheerily

Ding dong!ding dong! I woke up groggy
Out of deep slumber mind still foggy
Rainy drops had wetted the doorway soggy
Dragged my feet for the waiting milkman cloggy