Snowflake: A Poem by Dr. Sonia Gupta

 O’ a magical spell drops on earth from above,
Tiny silvery flake dropping down bathed in love,
Embracing flora and fauna with its mellow caress,
Draping meadows, fields, lands, beaches, and grass!
O’ it glitters like a precious diamond and pearl,
With its magical wand it brings majestic miracle,
A compassionate companion of solitary dawn and night,
With its pure white shimmer mesmerizes at first sight!
O’ it sings a melody dancing on petals and flowers,
Brims hearts and soul dropping as love shower,
So serene, so calm, it creates a temple of peace,
Enriches barren lives which are screaming in solace!
O’ dancing and rejoicing in mother earth’s lap without fear,
It beautifies whole universe with its silvery shimmer,
Without any partiality it loves and accepts everything,
Even falling down from so above, not afraid of anything!
O’ snowflake from where do you come, nobody knows,
But you are adored by everyone, it is very sure,
Aha! You are a wonderful creation of great lord,

With your harmless beauty you bring heaven in this world!