Maths: A friend or a foe!: A poem by R. Sharanya

We stretch our fingers – one, two, three;
And jump into the sea of geometry!
A fairyland called mathematics;
To solve a problem, so many tricks!

We add, subtract, multiply and divide;
Working with numbers is a joyful ride!
Squares, cubes and so on we find;
Giving a regular exercise to mind!

We recite the tables in chorus voice;
Maths is always our very first choice!
Decimals uniquely joined by dots;
Fractions and roots kindle our thoughts!

We count the toys, trees, and stars;
And calculate the distance to Mars!
Ones, tens and hundreds, it goes….
Infinity and beyond is what Math shows!

Formulas and symbols, all are here;
Simplifications bring everything near!
Maths is always our dearest friend;
Playing with numbers shall never end!!!