Hope: A poem by R. Sharanya

An optimistic ray that shines very bright!
Without which nothing seems to be right….
For, it is the mother of perseverance;
And it’s the HOPE by which life runs!

Bunch of failures turns upside down;
Holistic efforts shall not anymore drown…..
When Hope is poured to the parched land;
The Ship of Success would profoundly stand!

From the dawn to the dusk of life;
To battle tribulations and many a strife;
Medicine to the wounds is the Hope within;
That drives the broken heart to race and win!

Grooming self-hope is like being born again;
With ardent Hope, no single act goes in vain;
Hope is the ladder to climb up the Peak;
Phenomenal energy it gives to the weak!

Wouldn’t the world stop and universe freeze?
Everything, when hope lost would cease…..
For, HOPE is the breath of every being;
And the verve to instigate each doing!