Hope: A poem by Uma Natarajan

When situations in my life were not so bright
When things were not just right
When I felt sad with terrific fright
Wanted to continue in my flight
Hope made me strong, providing solutions to the wrong
Success seemed to be very far
Windows of gloom left ajar
The light appeared at par
Failure crawled and came closer
I felt discouraged, doubts arose created feelings of a looser
Ray’s of hopes scattered peeping from the holes of life
Cloud of disappointments covered the soul’s sky
Rain of problems poured from a height
Darkness appeared in sight
A sudden silver lining formed around life’s cloud
Quietness turned in to loud
Hope like the sun peeped through 
The rainbow of cheers broke through 
Love returned in the air
Darkness diminished
Light took over cherished 
Ray’s of hope penetrated