Live in the moment: An article by Rakesh Chandra

Life is a journey where we move from the one end, the birth to the other end, death. The flow of life is like a river, unchecked but strewn with the obstructions in the nature of pebbles, and sometimes even boulders. This should be the endeavor of every human being to move onwards like the water in the river until the dead end is reached. There is something about life which is quite unique. It contains bricks and bouquets for everyone. At some point of time, the flow of life seems to be an exhilarating experience, while at other times, it looks like a thorny affair. But above all, the journey of life should never stop. The past must be forgotten in both the cases-happy or sordid. The only thing we learn from the past is not to repeat our mistakes in the future. If the past has been like a mirthful Alaknanda amidst the steep hills, one must not stop the journey to pause over those cherished moments. Because the present may bring better results than the past. Similarly, daydreaming about the future is also not healthy. Nobody can even guess about what will happen in the next moment. So, to live in the hope of better times or to live in the dread of worse times means that we are impeding the natural flow of our journey. The only desirable option is to live in the present and fulfill our duties and responsibilities to the best of our abilities. If we do this, both our present and future will bring joy and contentment. Then looking from the hindsight, our past will automatically turn into a happy phase. Let us not forget that come what may, the natural flow of the Ganges never stops from Gangotri to Gangasagar! Let us learn from this great river! Let us start living in the moment and enjoying it too !!