Live in the moment: A poem by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Time is a slippery phenomenon
It waits for no one, even itself,
Tomorrow never comes
And if it does, it stares at you
Prepare today, for tomorrow
Live in the moment.

Live as if tomorrow will never come
Pay your dues to life,
Keep your friends real
Leave legacies that are indelible
Print bold your footprints, tiny or big
Make your path, broad and loud
It is your duty to maintain your footsteps.

Life is crazy, the world is a passage
We follow it to the one, yonder
Never be a noise
Echo your voice, let it reverberate
Raise your tune, tone, and frequency
Ignore the winds, fight the storm
Let your dream be the wave.

Live in the moment
Let the moment be monumental, crystal, golden, and dazzling like a diamond
For nothing is ever guaranteed tomorrow.