Dreams come true: A poem by Adi Adnan

May my dreams come true upon the path!
And, help me in adoring now,
Thus much let me go
You are the soul, who deemed 
That my dreams would never come true;
Upon the path suffused with tears ever dropped from the human eye,
And have made a puddle before my feet 
Yet, my longing is strong 
What if the path is suffused with tears,
I shall stand by them,
I shall swab those tears,
I shall undarken the path
toward my destination 
Illumine the notion with its burning blaze 
That had been obscured a decade ago 
O, God!my dreams upon thy path,
Can I not be crowned in achieving ; 
Can I not lull those eyes flooded with tears
And are bereft of euphoria
Can I not light up the candle,
That can never get doused upon the path;
O God!Give me some strength 
To fetch the gush of prayers to make my dreams come true.