Live fearlessly: A poem by Azucena Libiran Gonzales

It’s not an inducement to live life perilously
Face your fears and dare to live courageously
Eliminate anything that has the tendency to make you fear
It pushes a lot of people in a corner.
Believe there’s nothing you can’t do if you so will
Start implementing, leading that fearless life you wish
Travel the road you’ve chosen, don’t look back with regret
Carry with you confidence, hope, and an optimistic mindset.
Find your strengths, use them in a positive way
Don’t be afraid to make a mistake; tell yourself, you’re okay
Look toward life’s inevitable losses and disappointments gracefully
Learn to meet the challenges of everyday life successfully.
Be unafraid to be your truest self; live fearlessly
Stand open and live to your full capacity
Your harvest is yours, make it possible
Transcend fear, don’t let it stops you or control.
Realize that we are the masters of our destiny
Time to call upon our reserve of power or mastery
Let courage shines from your face and be happy
Keep the momentum going, be yourself and live fearlessly.